Display Advertising


The Collegian is a tabloid newspaper, which is 6 columns wide and 10 inches tall.

Frequency Discounts

Run one ad for full price, run the same ad again within four business days and save.

Local rate only, not available with other discounts, color not discounted.


Add depth, style, and character with color to make your ad stand out. If you are designing a four-color ad, please use CMYK. If you are designing a spot color ad, please call first in order to ensure the best reproduction.


Place your advertisement on a separate sheet to be inserted in The Collegian.

  • Minimum: 5,000 issues
  • Maximum: 8,000 issues

Front Page Notes

Square stick-ons featured on the front page.

Classified Display

Place your ad where people are actively seeking with interest and get a discount when your ad runs on consecutive days.

Regional Advertising

Expand your audience in newspapers in any three zones across Kansas, or even the entire state. Our ad network can maximize your reach.
For more promotions & special editions, see the contact the Advertising Department at 785-532-6560.


Size Cost
Regular display advertising local rate* $9.45 per column inch
Regular display advertising national rate $14.95 per column inch
Regular display advertising student rate** $7.05 per column inch
Four-color*** $240 (Local $50)
Two spot colors*** $160 (Local $40)
One spot color*** $80 (Local $20)
One page (front/back) insert $79 per thousand
3-12 page insert $81 per thousand
13-20 page insert $85 per thousand
One day classified $10.50 per inch
Three consecutive day classified $10.35 per inch
Five consecutive day classified $9.90 per inch
Ten consecutive day classified $9.60 per inch

*Available to Kansas companies whose headquarters are not located out-of-state.
**Available to students or SGA.
***Color advertising is available, though not guaranteed, for all issues. Availability is dependent on advertising volume due to press limitations.