Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 4,725 copies of The Collegian are printed and distributed to 135 locations across Manhattan when classes are in session.

Every other Wednesday during June and July 3,000 copies are distributed to 60 locations.

Use the Google map below to view the drop-off points for The Collegian newspaper.


Who is on campus?

Total K-State community: 28,780

Total monthly discretionary spending of Collegian readers: $5,947,614


Want to grow your income? The Collegian will help you earn your share of the $160.6 million spent annually by students, faculty, and staff. How? 73.3% of that money is spent by readers of the Collegian newspaper and website.

That’s $117.7 million in spending influenced by our advertisers.

71.96% of the 15,087 people who go to bars read The Collegian, for a total of 10,856 bar-goers. The K-State market spends $324,775 a week at bars.

More than two-thirds of K-Staters who eat out read The Collegian, spending a total of $514,771 every week.

Our readers spend $907,456 a week on groceries.